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At WE LOVE CARNIVAL we provide you with all the information you need for your journey. Bus and plane facilities provided by WE LOVE CARNIVAL have always a represent on board that will answer all your questions and help you where needed. When you reach your destination at one of our hotels there will be someone there making sure your checking goes smoothly. At events and during the Carnival parades there will be also assistance from WE LOVE CARNIVAL if needed. And on your journey home we will make sure you have a safe arrival.

Carnivals we visit right now are Rotterdam Zomercarnval in the Netherlands and Notthing Hill Carnival in London, UK. Very soon we will be adding more destinations to our arrangements. Because every week there is Carnival somewhere in the world.


WE LOVE CARNIVAL can provide you with different hotel arrangements. The hotels vary from prices and locations, but never too far from the Carnival route and events you book for in your package. Choose a hotel that fits your needs and enjoy the stay. The hotels chosen by WE LOVE CARNIVAL are known to be safe, clean and with utmost service regardless of the price range.


As we WE LOVE CARNIVAL we have a duty to give our customers the best Carnival experience ever. We want you to feel why WE LOVE CARNIVAL to accomplish this mission at every Carnival we provide you with a top class massband. In every

country there are diffrent bands but often they also work together. In the Netherlands we recommend Blends Carnival Group and in the UK Island Mas. These masbands will provide you with the same service WE LOVE CARNIVAL provides you to make your time on the road unforgetable. Every package in the shop gives you the options on playing with bands in your Carnival destination


Ofcourse there is no Carnival weekend without events. Welcome parties, preparties, concerts, afterparties, limes, breakfast parties and so much more. Every Carnival has their characteristic parties with and without theme.

At we WE LOVE CARNIVAL we have made a careful selection of the best parties ever. There is not much sleep during your journeys but that is because you will not be able to get enough of the music and festivities. Nonetheless because of the option to assemble your own package you can choose whatever event you would like to go to and when other are partying you can go and explore the city or go to a nice restaurant.

Music from every fete is brought to you by top artists, djs and bands. Every package has a range of events and we have assemble the packages in a way you will not miss one party if so you wish. You are gauranteeds to be the "life of the party".


We from WE LOVE CARNIVAL know you will surely want to travel to more than just one Carnival so we have introduced paying in installments to our costumers. This makes it easier and more affordable to play mas all the time. Simply assemble your preffered arrangement and cash out. The option will appear to pay in installments, choose this option and you will be well on your way to Carnival. If there are any problems or questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Paying with all major credit cards and with many more paying options is also part of our service. This all assures you can pay as you like.


For us from WE LOVE CARNIVAL it is very important to let every single person experience a part of the culture, togetherness and freedom that Carnival brings to its participants. We want to share this feeling with everyone. If you are someone who never played mas we will introduce you and answer all your questions as we want to spread the word of Carnival being the best party on earth.


Join us or call us and get on that plane or bus to one of the most addictive experiences in the world.


Carnival is synonym of FREEDOM!


See you soon...