It can all be as harmonious as when we all dance in the street.


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WE LOVE CARNIVAL started in 2011 as an idea based on the love for carnival. It has been very clear for a while that all carnivals in Europe experience a variety of different obstacles that make it almost impossible for the organisations leading these colourful festivities to work and proceed as planned. In 2013 the project was officially named and a clear structure started to emerge from all the information gathered in the past 3 years.


The strength of WE LOVE CARNIVAL is due to the fact that it is formed by young people with innovating views that differ from those of years ago. Seeing rules, regulations and norms and transforming them in solutions and advantages rather than seeing only problems.

A group of individuals therefore decided to research what the problems were that many carnivals in Europe were experiencing. There were meetings held with different masqueraders from different countries and different cultural backgrounds. Meetings were also held with different carnival organizations.

After all this information was gathered one thing was very obvious. There is no protection for the European carnivals. We find this unacceptable.


Carnival brings people together and causes a unity like no other. How is it possible that such a festivity that brings all colonial based problems to a total rest, be so unappreciated by the city councils and countries where they are held?

One answer is ignorance of the city councils and countries government. The other answer is unorganized approach of many carnival organisations. A third answer is, lack of unity among the Carnival organisations.


We take into account that all of the European countries, where carnivals are held, have a substantial amount of immigrants or descendants of immigrants. For the past year it has been clear that the difference in culture has been bringing some animosity on different levels. Accusations of racism based on the countries rough colonial past have been surfacing all over Europe, bringing the racial tensions to a new level.

We believe carnival to be one of the tools that will bring people together on a cultural basis in a positive way. By educating all inhabitants of the European countries about the positive influences of European culture in most of the carnivals, you will emphasise the importance for reconciliation between the different inhabitants. The amount of influence is much bigger than anyone even realizes.


For instance a lot of materials and techniques that are used in Europe for seemingly other productions are often used in modern day carnival parades. And not to forget all the rules and regulations all participants of the carnival have to obey to are set almost entirely based on European laws.


One of our goals therefor is to bring a positive and brotherly feeling to all the festivities by raising awareness of the cultural similarity of carnival and everyday life. It can all be as harmonious as when we all dance in the streets.


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